Call of Duty is making a huge comeback to the gaming world with a new WWII game that’s making a huge buzz online these days. Battlefield 1 had raised the bar sky-high last year, but the developers behind CoD came up with a number of features like new maps, weapons, attachments, and abilities, that will make this game a huge success. So, here’s our guide of what you can expect to see in the new amazing COD game.

Mods and Maps

The COD multiplayer brings five different mods, all of which are very popular in online games. They are Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint mode, Domination, Mosh Pit, and War Mode. Mosh pit is a combination of the first three mods and the game rotates between the three gametypes after each battle. The biggest change and improvement is the War Mode, that puts you and your friends in the role of real soldiers on a battlefield.

You and your team mates will have to work together to push through the enemy lines and defeat their army in a story driven mode. You will find yourself doing strategic tasks like bridge demolition, tank escorts, and capturing points to cut the enemy off. There are four different multiplayer maps right now, but more will be revealed soon.

Divisions and Weapons

You will get to choose your division when you enter the game for the first time. Once you make your choice, you’ll get a specific loadout to use. This mode is still in development, and you will unlock new divisions as you play and earn tokens. Every division specializes in a specific type of weapon. For example, Infantry is good with assault rifles, while the Mountain Division uses sniper rifles. Learn how to use the special skills of each division and become a strong opponent for your enemies. Here are the details of each division we know so far.

Infantry division

The infantry division uses all of those WWII weapons we used to love in the old COD games including the M1 Garand, the M1941, STG44 and so on. The weapons of this class have high firing rates and do lots of damage. The unique skill of this division is the Bayonet Charge, which will allow you to destroy your enemies on the run. Add some attachments to your gun and get a unique boost to use in the battlefield.

Airborne Division

This division is for those who like to stay on the move and get close and personal with the enemy soldiers. They use guns with limited range but high firing rates, ideal for rushing and charging the enemy base. The most popular guns in the class are the Grease Gun and PPSh-41. The unique features of this division is a detachable suppressor that makes you invisible on the enemy’s mini-map.

Armored Division

Armored Division is meant for the players who like to shoot first and ask questions later. The division uses light machine guns with plenty of bullets and low accuracy. The most popular guns are the MG 15 and the Lewis, both very effective and high damage.

The unique skill of this division is the ability to be immune to some enemy attacks, as well as lower explosive damage.

Mountain division

If you are the type of player that likes to shoot sniper rifles, the Mountain division is definitely for you. The sharpshooter ability will grant you better accuracy with sniper rifles. Once you unlock the invisibility to enemy aircraft and silent movement, your enemies won’t even know what hit them.

Expeditionary Division

Incendiary rounds, high explosives, and tactical shotguns are what you can expect from this division. You have more powerful weapons and the incendiary ammo can lit your enemies on fire. If they get close, use the shotgun to make some room. If you like explosions, use the chuck grenades and watch other players run like hell.